“Bloodbath” Shirts, Hoodies, Jackets and Stickers Now Available! #Grimm

Good Sunday afternoon, my fellow Grimmsters and Blutbitches! I hope you all enjoy my newest design, “Bloodbath”. This is my first real typographic design (meaning it’s using words to create a design) and it’s based on the pilot episode of Grimm.

Sylvie Oster - Grimm - Pilot

In that episode, college student Sylvie Oster, straps on her favorite pink running shoes, her red hoodie and hits the nature trail for a run. Unfortunately, someone had been watching her for a while and set a trap for her. It was a macabre scene that Nick and Hank came to investigate. Aside from an arm in a sleeve, it seemed the only other complete clue to the victim’s identity was a bloody pink running shoe. Nick would later discover her killer was a blutbad – a werewolf. Nick actually finds two blutbaden, however one of them is reformed and quickly becomes Nick’s confidant and friend.

“Bloodbath” is in homage to Sylvie and her remaining shoe. The word “Blutbaden” (“blut baden” means “bathing in blood”) is blood red for the blood spatters on her shoe and the rest of the phrases include “Grimm”, “Blutbad”, “Sweet Dreams” (because of the song she was playing on her iPod when she was running and attacked), “Little Red Riding Hood” (the Brothers Grimm tale this episode was based on), “Nick”, and “Monroe”.

I have “Bloodbath” up in my Redbubble store as various t-shirt sizes and colors as well as stickers and the hoodies. However, Redbubble doesn’t have a red hoodie. I felt that it would be an added benefit to offer the red hoodie as an option for this design since this is the Little Red Riding Hood tale we are referencing here, so I’ve added the hoodies and hooded jackets of this design on my Spreadshirt Store (The phrase “Blood Bath” is on the front of those and the actual design is on the back). Please click the images below to see each shop. Thanks!

Bloodbath in Redbubble

Bloodbath in Spreadshirt


Guess who just got featured at Tee Gazette….

Moi! That’s right, yours truly was featured today at Tee Gazette. Tee Gazette is a great site that I’ve been following for a while now. They are a phenomenal site with t-shirt reviews, features with designers, contests and more… You should definitely check them out and subscribe and follow and all that groovy jazz! 🙂

Thanks to Jared at Tee Gazette for the feature! I look forward to doing more with them soon. 🙂

Click the picture below to see the feature with me and my shiny designs 🙂

tee gazette features reddesilets

Thrillin’ Heroics Mule Riders Club logo tshirts, hoodies and stickers available!

This is a design that I was working REALLY hard on for a while. I had to step away for like a month because it was kicking my butt. I gave it another go today and think I have it the way I like it – my hope is that you will like it too! 😉

It’s currently up on my Redbubble shop in two versions – white font with a stroke and black font with no stroke (click pictures below). It’s available in t-shirts, hoodies and kids’ clothes so check ’em out and get one today! Thanks! 🙂

thrillin' heroics mule riders club

thrillin' heroics mule riders club white font

Furious Nostalgia tshirts, hoodies, stickers and iPhone case now available!

My dad was in the Marines in the 1960s and that meant he had to face boot camp on Parris Island, SC and leave behind all he loved – his parents and brother, my mom, and oh yes, his 1964 Plymouth Fury! While he was gone, my uncle took pictures to send to my dad and this included that gorgeous car.

The Fury pictures have recently resurfaced as I go through old photos from all sides of my family as part of my lifelong genealogy projects. Being new to t-shirt design I had to do something with the Fury pictures! This is the first of them. The Fury is from the photograph but digitally changed to present a fun and artistic show to include it bursting through the shirt. I have another photograph that I want to do as well so keep watching!

Click on the pictures below to visit my Redbubble and Spreadshirt Stores for this great shirt. Both stores have several styles and lots of tshirt colors available. Be sure to check out the Spreadshirt one for more choices of styles of shirts and even a tie-dyed shirt! 🙂


redbubble furious nostalgiaSpreadshirt:

spreadshirt furious nostalgia storefront

My first Jayne hat!

Okay, so officially (at 1:15 a.m. EST) it’s Halloween. I am going as Jayne Cobb this year, as some of you may have already seen in my previous post “Jayne Cobb cosplay ideas”. One of the things I talked about was the famous knit hat that Jayne receives from his dear mother (known in the fandom ‘Verse as Ma Cobb, the suspected meaning of “MA” in Jayne’s tattoo being “Ma”). I was able to order one of my Blue Sun Better in Red t-shirts from my Spreadshirt store, I have cargo pants and SWAT style boots and my teenage son is letting me borrow is air soft rifle and air soft handgun. I also acquired from the costume shop a fake cigar and a leather wrist strap with (fake) bullets on it. They didn’t have a plain strap and I figured one donned in bullets would be suitable for Jayne.

All that alone would be enough for any Browncoat to recognize me. In fact, when my shirt came in, I wore it to the mall and the guy working Sbarro’s in the Food Court instantly recognized me and we started chatting up the show and movie! However, I still was feeling an empty space. The hat. The beloved knit hat was missing. I had no money or even time to order one at this point so I got orange and yellow yarn (to go with the various shades of red I had to choose from here at home) and whipped out a Jayne hat using my Knifty Knitter green round loom. I am not a skilled knitter but I do pretty well and move pretty fast using the hand held looms.

I did a quick search to see if there was a pattern already online for doing a Jayne hat on a hand held loom but didn’t really see anything. So I wrote down what I did as I did it. Please know that this is NOT perfect! It’s fine as a hat but as a replica it isn’t perfect. It is, however, enough for any Browncoat to know. Things I might do differently next time doing this on a loom is to make the yellow part shorter, maybe the orange longer… maybe… Also I did not have the right shade of red for the ear flaps and stuck with the darker of the shades I had on hand, so next time, I’ll likely get a more rust color of red and more rustic yellow as this yellow is quite bright. I LOVE the shade of orange I got.

Okay, with that said, here is what I did to create my Jayne hat using a handheld loom:


Green round Knifty Knitter loom and hook
Crochet needle/yarn needle
Cardboard (for making the pompom)

orange:  Red Heart Super Saver, worsted (4 ply), Carrot (art. E300, color: 0256)
yellow:  Red Heart Super Saver, worsted (4 ply), Brt. Yellow (art. E300, color: 0324)
red:  Red Heart Super Saver, worsted (4 ply), Burgundy (art. E300, color: 0376)

***Use two strands as typically done with these looms.***

1.  Knit 10 rows of orange and make brim.
2.  Knit 12 more rows.
3.  Tie on yellow and knit 20 rows (might not do as many next time, this makes for a very tall hat)
4.  Knit/sew/crochet off and close and tie top of hat.
5.  Mark place for front of ear flap, close to temple and put that on the first peg of the loom. 6.  Put on total of 10 pegs (see picture below) and loom knit 18 rows.

Jayne Hat in Progress - Ear flaps

Starting the ear flaps

7.  Decrease on each side of the ear flap for every new row after the first 18 rows until the hat is only on two pegs.
8.  Knit and tie off. Leave a few inches of your strands hanging rather haphazardly. Repeat steps for second ear flap.
9.  Use the cardboard method to create the pompom (see Instructional Video below). I used two strands of the red and one each of the yellow and orange, so that there would be more red than yellow and orange.

10.  Tie the pompom to the hat and….

Completed Jayne Hat

My very first completed Jayne hat!

“Keep Calm and Carry Vera” products now available!

So another idea I wanted to add was already done, and beautifully so, by ThoughtsToPrint as a poster. I have bought the image and have permission to use in my stores and have it up! I just love this concept, taking the “Keep Calm” meme and mashing it with Firefly a reference involving Vera, Jayne Cobb’s beloved gun. I mean, really, who wouldn’t be calm with Vera in their arms? Indeed, Jayne looks quite at ease with Vera in his hands!

So, now I have a wide variety of shirts and hoodies and even an iPhone case now availabe on both my stores! Please click the pictures below to see the selection and find the right one for you!

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TShirt SALE! Now through Halloween!!!!

Howdy, everyone!

I’ve decided to run a major sale from now through Halloween on my Spreadshirt and Redbubble stores on the “Blue Sun Better in Red” design, since it’s such a great shirt! Click each picture below to see the shirt and buy at a REALLY low price! Prices range from $11.40 up to $22 for tshirts, more for hoodies. Different sizes and colors available! 🙂

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