iPhone cases now available!

Exciting news! Redbubble has added iPhone cases to the products available and I’ve been adding them to my portfolio for you to get!  Check them out and if one of my designs hasn’t made it as an iPhone case yet, please contact me and I’ll get it done and uploaded right away! Thanks!

Check out what’s up so far by clicking on each item’s picture:


“Kiss of Life” Chuck-based shirts, hoodies and stickers now available!

I was watching “Chuck versus the Ex” again and – just as before – nearly choked to death laughing so hard at Chuck’s answer to trying to save Casey’s life – with a smooch on the lips!  I find this scene so funny and every Chuckster knows why this scene is especially funny:

So check out the new design by clicking on the picture below and get your shirt/hoodie/sticker today!

“Sugar Bear” shirts, hoodies and stickers now available!

Okay Chucksters! Got a new Chuck fan-based shirt up!  Who wouldn’t want Casey to be their Sugar Bear? Now you can have a Sugar Bear of your own – well, sort of… anyway…  This is a simple design based on Chuck versus the Undercover Lover where it is revealed that yes, indeed, Casey has been in love before. This design features the necklace he had given to his love, Ilsa, who called Casey “Sugar Bear” as a pet name.

I hope you enjoy this design and can find a place for it in your Chuck and/or Adam Baldwin fan gear collection! Keep watching… more to come!

Click the picture below to get this as one of various styles of tshirt, a hoodie, and/or a sticker today!

“Asset Burner” shirts and stickers available!

Inspired by John Casey’s only way of dealing with burning an asset – black label, of course. (Season 3: Chuck versus the Nacho Sampler)

Click the picture below to purchase as one of various types of tshirts, hoodie, or sticker:

Click the picture below for the poster:


Costa Gravas Cigars shirt and stickers now available!

What is better than the smell and taste of a pre-Revolutionary Costa Gravas cigar? Maybe being told by a former commie despot that your patriotic American blood now runs through his veins… maybe…

This design was inspired by the “Chuck” episode: Chuck versus the Angel de la Muerte. Classic logo design for the Chuckster in all of us… Oh how’d I would SO LOVE to sit and smoke a cigar with John Casey!

Click the picture below to get this as a tshirt (various styles available), a hoodie or as a sticker!

“Unleash the Casey” tshirt now available!

Having a angry-center kind of day? Feel like you are locked up in your own detention cell and are ready to break free? Well, good luck with that, but in the meantime enjoy this tshirt that might warn everyone else as to your particular mood…

Click the pictures below to purchase. Comes in blue font (matching the color on the screen in “Chuck” episode “Chuck vs. The Gravitron” for dark shirts and black font for lighter shirts.