“Keep Calm and Carry Vera” products now available!

So another idea I wanted to add was already done, and beautifully so, by ThoughtsToPrint as a poster. I have bought the image and have permission to use in my stores and have it up! I just love this concept, taking the “Keep Calm” meme and mashing it with Firefly a reference involving Vera, Jayne Cobb’s beloved gun. I mean, really, who wouldn’t be calm with Vera in their arms? Indeed, Jayne looks quite at ease with Vera in his hands!

So, now I have a wide variety of shirts and hoodies and even an iPhone case now availabe on both my stores! Please click the pictures below to see the selection and find the right one for you!

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News for “Cuddly Jayne”

I’ve had mixed feedback on the quote on the Cuddly Jayne design so I have both up on Redbubble and have added this one up on Spreadshirt as well.  There are many styles and colors available so check out both stores today and find one that you like!

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Cuddly Jayne

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Cuddly Jayne

TShirt SALE! Now through Halloween!!!!

Howdy, everyone!

I’ve decided to run a major sale from now through Halloween on my Spreadshirt and Redbubble stores on the “Blue Sun Better in Red” design, since it’s such a great shirt! Click each picture below to see the shirt and buy at a REALLY low price! Prices range from $11.40 up to $22 for tshirts, more for hoodies. Different sizes and colors available! 🙂

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iPhone cases now available!

Exciting news! Redbubble has added iPhone cases to the products available and I’ve been adding them to my portfolio for you to get!  Check them out and if one of my designs hasn’t made it as an iPhone case yet, please contact me and I’ll get it done and uploaded right away! Thanks!

Check out what’s up so far by clicking on each item’s picture:

“Kiss of Life” Chuck-based shirts, hoodies and stickers now available!

I was watching “Chuck versus the Ex” again and – just as before – nearly choked to death laughing so hard at Chuck’s answer to trying to save Casey’s life – with a smooch on the lips!  I find this scene so funny and every Chuckster knows why this scene is especially funny:

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“Cuddly Jayne” is reviewed at TShirt Spotlight!

Check out this fantastic review over at TShirt Spotlight for Cuddly Jayne – which has been receiving some massive upgrades and improvements over the past few days! Click the picture below to see it!