“Bloodbath” Shirts, Hoodies, Jackets and Stickers Now Available! #Grimm

Good Sunday afternoon, my fellow Grimmsters and Blutbitches! I hope you all enjoy my newest design, “Bloodbath”. This is my first real typographic design (meaning it’s using words to create a design) and it’s based on the pilot episode of Grimm.

Sylvie Oster - Grimm - Pilot

In that episode, college student Sylvie Oster, straps on her favorite pink running shoes, her red hoodie and hits the nature trail for a run. Unfortunately, someone had been watching her for a while and set a trap for her. It was a macabre scene that Nick and Hank came to investigate. Aside from an arm in a sleeve, it seemed the only other complete clue to the victim’s identity was a bloody pink running shoe. Nick would later discover her killer was a blutbad – a werewolf. Nick actually finds two blutbaden, however one of them is reformed and quickly becomes Nick’s confidant and friend.

“Bloodbath” is in homage to Sylvie and her remaining shoe. The word “Blutbaden” (“blut baden” means “bathing in blood”) is blood red for the blood spatters on her shoe and the rest of the phrases include “Grimm”, “Blutbad”, “Sweet Dreams” (because of the song she was playing on her iPod when she was running and attacked), “Little Red Riding Hood” (the Brothers Grimm tale this episode was based on), “Nick”, and “Monroe”.

I have “Bloodbath” up in my Redbubble store as various t-shirt sizes and colors as well as stickers and the hoodies. However, Redbubble doesn’t have a red hoodie. I felt that it would be an added benefit to offer the red hoodie as an option for this design since this is the Little Red Riding Hood tale we are referencing here, so I’ve added the hoodies and hooded jackets of this design on my Spreadshirt Store (The phrase “Blood Bath” is on the front of those and the actual design is on the back). Please click the images below to see each shop. Thanks!

Bloodbath in Redbubble

Bloodbath in Spreadshirt