Anyone up for a Boston “Tee” Party? #TeeParty hosted by @TeeGazette

Here ye, here ye! All members of fandoms and all t-shirt enthusiats are formally invited to attend the grand ball… well, I’m sure not a ball but a great party instead!!! Good because one can’t wear a t-shirt to a ball anyway…



(Boston, MA) – (January 14, 2012) – The Tee Gazette will join local and national indie t-shirt brands, designers and artists of all walks of life at the first annual Boston Tee Party & Design/Artist Expo on Saturday, August 11th 2012 in Boston, MA.


“We are pleased to announce this great event here in Boston,” said Kelly Murphy, owner and operator of The Tee Gazette and her own indie t-shirt brand, saucewear, of Boston. “It is my pleasure to create a place for all of these companies and individuals to come together to showcase their work.”


Slated for this inaugural event will be two industry speakers who have not been named at this time and another speaker, Jonathan Kay ( who will discuss brand loyalty and scalable intimacy. Also confirmed are five national bands:


There will also be a 50/50 raffle and silent auction during the event. All proceeds will be donated directly to a local charity, Birthday Wishes ( Birthday wishes brings birthday parties to homeless children and is based out of Foxboro, MA.


Brands, designers and artists looking to purchase table space can do so by contacting Kelly Murphy at: or via this link:

I’ve donated so far, hope to do more… So, what are you waiting on? Get your party on!

tee gazette features reddesilets


Guess who just got featured at Tee Gazette….

Moi! That’s right, yours truly was featured today at Tee Gazette. Tee Gazette is a great site that I’ve been following for a while now. They are a phenomenal site with t-shirt reviews, features with designers, contests and more… You should definitely check them out and subscribe and follow and all that groovy jazz! 🙂

Thanks to Jared at Tee Gazette for the feature! I look forward to doing more with them soon. 🙂

Click the picture below to see the feature with me and my shiny designs 🙂

tee gazette features reddesilets

“Keep Calm and Carry Vera” products now available!

So another idea I wanted to add was already done, and beautifully so, by ThoughtsToPrint as a poster. I have bought the image and have permission to use in my stores and have it up! I just love this concept, taking the “Keep Calm” meme and mashing it with Firefly a reference involving Vera, Jayne Cobb’s beloved gun. I mean, really, who wouldn’t be calm with Vera in their arms? Indeed, Jayne looks quite at ease with Vera in his hands!

So, now I have a wide variety of shirts and hoodies and even an iPhone case now availabe on both my stores! Please click the pictures below to see the selection and find the right one for you!

<— Redbubble iPhone case on Redbubble

T-shirts and hoodies on Redbubble —>

TONS of styles of shirts and hoodies on my Spreadshirt store! Click the image below:Spreadshirt store: Shiny Gear by RedDesilets