Thrillin’ Heroics Mule Riders Club logo tshirts, hoodies and stickers available!

This is a design that I was working REALLY hard on for a while. I had to step away for like a month because it was kicking my butt. I gave it another go today and think I have it the way I like it – my hope is that you will like it too! šŸ˜‰

It’s currently up on my Redbubble shop in two versions – white font with a stroke and black font with no stroke (click pictures below). It’s available in t-shirts, hoodies and kids’ clothes so check ’em out and get one today! Thanks! šŸ™‚

thrillin' heroics mule riders club

thrillin' heroics mule riders club white font


iPhone cases now available!

Exciting news! Redbubble has added iPhone cases to the products available and I’ve been adding them to my portfolio for you to get!Ā  Check them out and if one of my designs hasn’t made it as an iPhone case yet, please contact me and I’ll get it done and uploaded right away! Thanks!

Check out what’s up so far by clicking on each item’s picture:

“Cuddly Jayne” is reviewed at TShirt Spotlight!

Check out this fantastic review over at TShirt Spotlight for Cuddly Jayne – which has been receiving some massive upgrades and improvements over the past few days! Click the picture below to see it!

“Cuddly Jayne” tshirts, hoodies & stickers for adult Browncoats available!

Finally got the grown-up version of “Cuddly Jayne” done and uploaded! It’s based on the “Firefly” episode: The Train Job.

For the record, I find Jayne very cuddly!

“Cuddly Jayne” for future Browncoats

I’m working on a few shirt ideas and had a great thought for kids. It has translated in what I think is a rather cute onsie/shirt for little albatrosses and future Browncoats everywhere! It’s a simple children’s teddy bear, colored in crayon, adorning Jayne’s famous hat and quoting Jayne from “The Train Job”. Click the picture below to see the design and to purchase for your little ones…